Our Design Build Process


Up until the 17th century or so, Architects used to be referred to as “Master Builders”. They were the experts on everything; they were the ones people went to for the design and construction of their desired building.

Over the course of the centuries, things evolved. The construction process became quite a bit more advanced and complex, and it needed a lot of specialization. Architects got further and further away from the building process, builders got further and further away from design, and both seemed to move forward “doing their own thing” coming together in the same room when only absolutely necessary. Today, designers often end up on one side of the fence and contractors on the other, and there can be considerable tension between the two.

When building a house or undertaking a remodeling project – you would want both the designers and the contractors BOTH on YOUR side of the fence, right?

In the traditional “design-bid-build” system, design changes that are made involve a lot of time and energy. At Meadowlark, the Design Department interacts with the Construction Department immediately, and we immediately get started on problem solving any issues that arise during any part of the process. Working together has many advantages – all helping move the project along and saving you precious time and money.

While we firmly believe Design/Build is the best way for anyone to get the most out of their project, there are a few different ways to go about it. While we enjoy working with outside designers regularly, our Design/Build structure at Meadowlark also gives you many advantages:

  • Design and construction are integrated early – information flows seamlessly between designer, builder and tradesman during ALL phases of building.
  • There is a single source of accountability for the entire project which is a great motivator for overall job success. Owner’s risk is minimized.
  • The schedule is reduced with the design and construction phases overlapping, and bidding phase eliminated.
  • We have the ability to evaluate alternative designs, materials and methods efficiently and accurately – all in real time, which prevents false starts.
  • We are experts at “value-engineering” – working with plans to wring the best project out of the available budget.
  • We evaluate costs constantly as construction personnel are engaged early in the process.
  • Discussing budget during the design phase instead of waiting for bids to come in keeps project in a realistic budget.
  • Enhanced communication – problems can be solved by walking down the hall. There are not costly delays in coordinating meetings.
  • Quality control, all with one team – focus remains on building the best project for our clients. Responsibility for defects or non-performance cannot be shifted to another party.
  • We are solely responsibility for delivering the budget, schedule and quality of workmanship you expect.
  • You can avoid potential adversarial relationships.
  • Design and Construction work as a Team. YOUR team!