Client Comments by Topic

Our dedication to exceeding our customers expectation by delivering the highest quality work and customer service has some people talking. Here is what they are saying about:


“We were ‘rookies’ about remodeling, but felt very comfortable working with folks from Meadowlark and now want to do additional remodeling.”

“Our biggest concern was being new to the process and get unexpected surprises. I believe the open dialogue really helped through the project.”

“Being our first professional building project, there was a lot we needed to be taught. All the team members were very patient with our questions and took the time to answer. We really enjoyed working with such a well rounded and interesting bunch of people.”

“I was mostly concerned about being able to do what I wanted within my budget. They not only kept to my budget but gave me an amazing room remodel.”

“The uncertainties of the costs. Doug Selby did an excellent job explaining that.”

“I was also worried about taking on a big debt in a recession when the outcome was uncertain and hard to visualize. I got the feeling that Doug and his team had been there with clients before, and their experience helped calm me down!”

“I didn’t want to have a contractor that couldn’t or wouldn’t be flexible or collaborative. But I knew Meadowlark would be, so that is why I chose them. And they were great.”


“Any problem that we had, they addressed immediately. They were perfect. Their were no major problems. Everyone was very friendly courteous, and respectful.”

“We always felt we could openly discuss and address any concerns we had as homeowners.”

“Fundamental honesty, integrity and insatiable desire to satisfy the client.”

“Meadowlark Builders has done a spectacular job on our home. They do everything possible to make a large and difficult construction process go smoothly. When, in a complex construction project, they run into unexpected problems they think clearly, formulate a plan and execute definitively. That, to me, is the mark of a great company. How do they respond to unexpected problems and difficulties? Meadowlark bends over backwards to be fair and responsive. They are very consistent in this process also.”

“They are highly professional in every manner. I especially appreciate their listening to and working with me to achieve the end result that I am happy with and can afford.”


“Really, all the guys who worked on the project were great – beyond thinking they did great work, we also just *liked* them and were entirely comfortable having them in the house.”

“Every one of the Meadowlark staff has proven ‘exceptional’: Melissa, Jim, Larry, all of the ‘Js’, etc., etc. All have contributed greatly to this project.”

“Their overall knowledge and flexibility in dealing with new materials. Also they handle new techniques very well.”

“We appreciated Meadowlark’s honest and open approach to money discussions. It helped us come up with the best possible combination of money, materials and time.”

“Their attention to detail and attention to my concerns was remarkable. It’s hard to imagine that I could have found anyone better than Meadowlark.”

“They’re just good honest caring people. They are attentive to my concerns and have wonderful creative ideas.”


“They do amazing work and attend to details so that the finished product is like a work of art.”

“They are honest, deliver good service, take care of problems promptly, take responsibility, take their reputation seriously and do excellent quality work.”

“We’ve moved into the kitchen, and it looks great and is really functional. ¬†Between the design, craftsmanship, and project execution, we are extremely happy with how things have turned out.”

“Overall the design, craftsmanship, and project execution were exceptional. It was wonderful to deal with such responsible and client-oriented professionals. We would not hesitate to recommend Meadowlark to other homeowners. They also worked with us in many ways to help us keep on budgets.”

“They redid my basement and a bathroom and when some materials weren’t available they went out of their way to make a substitute with things that were actually better. I thought they did a super job.”


“We enthusiastically recommend Meadowlark’s services to everyone!”

“We have been recommending Meadowlark as we share our story. They have been an amazing team to work with and this has been a positive experience.”

“Everyone we’ve dealt with at Meadowlark has been great. I recommend them to anyone looking for top quality home improvement work. Their attention to detail is extraordinary and their concern for the customer satisfaction is primary.”

“Everyone worked on the house like it were their own. Our family and friends have been very impressed as observers of the whole process.”

“Honestly, I will always go to them first for all of my home remodeling.¬†I don’t think I could have a comparable positive experience elsewhere.”

“I never imagined that a whole house remodel could go as smoothly as ours did. From start to finish the experience was terrific. Every member of the Meadowlark staff was a pleasure to work with–they are all smart, creative, and hard-working. We are glad we chose Meadowlark to build our new home and have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.”