Client Raves & Reviews

Meadowlark Builders always strives for the highest levels of client satisfaction. One of the ways we have gotten objective feedback about how well we are doing is by having GuildQuality, the country’s leading remodeling satisfaction firm, survey our clients directly. Here is a sample of our ratings and some of the comments people have provided:

Percent of past clients surveyed who gave us Satisfied to Very Satisfied:

Snapshot of ratings on June 29, 2015

Guildmaster-smallCategory of question:

Clients likely to recommend us:  97%
Construction Quality: 100%
Communications: 95%
Problem Resolution: 96%
Trust: 96%
Overall Experience: 94%

Client comments provided during our survey process:

“We had an excellent experience working with Meadowlark Builders through both our design and construction process. As with most successful business, it is centered on the people. Doug’s vision for efficient energy design and customer service was mirrored thru the organization. They do walk the talk. Melissa was wonderful thru the entire design process. Her guidance and expertise was much appreciated. I don’t know how we would have gotten thru it without her, we actually had some fun! Our project manager, Greg, ensured the quality and timeliness of our homes construction. We love our new home and are grateful we chose Meadowlark as our builder. Anyone looking to build, should give these people a look.”

“The experience was wonderful from start to finish. They worked with me very closely on the design aspect and coming up with the right plans to fit my budget and my wishes. The work was done professionally, on time and to the highest standards.”

“Our older home presented many challenges from a functional and efficiency standpoint. Meadowlark took our needs for the space and combined them with an affordable and energy conscious solution that we couldn’t be happier using.”

“They are very well organized and make a strong effort to address customer needs…this does not mean that every outcome was in my favor, but at least we were able to have the conversation.”

“We will certainly recommend Meadowlark to anyone who wants a job done with total professionalism and the most rigorous attention to detail.”

“We don’t have people bid on work on our house, we have Meadowlark do it! From demolition to finished project they do the best work I’ve ever seen. They pay attention to details I probably wouldn’t ever notice. They took into account ideas we presented and made it all come true, while staying within the timeline and the budget!”

“They could teach customer-service skills to others! Everyone was exceptionally courteous and professional.”

“I was most satisfied with the problem solving. If issues came up they were handled wonderfully and solutions were clearly defined.”

“Meadowlark builders made the experience of remodeling bearable! The final product was a beautiful loft space, master bathroom, and guest bathroom that have transformed the house. They do beautiful work, help with everything from the initial design to the final details of the job. I recommend them strongly for any project, large or small.”

“I have done renovations in the past so I am aware of the pitfalls of the process. Meadowlark did not fall short of any of my expectations. Of course there were unexpected findings in my house (as is true for all old homes), but they were explained to me and managed appropriately. The communication process, organization of the work, and workmanship all exceeded expectations.”

“I feel like I can trust them really well. I feel that they are really good and really ethical people and that they’re into the cause of green building because they believe in it. We asked them to use salvaged materials and I think it’s unique that a builder would agree to work with that.”

“Design, craftsmanship, creativity, all office personnel and site manager. They readily understood the “feel and look” we wanted the new house to have and they showed terrific commitment (even passion) to its design and construction. Their enthusiasm for the project rivaled ours. They very successfully built us the home we had envisioned when we first thought about this project.”

“We’d heard all the tales about builders who don’t finish projects in timely fashion – finishing late and taking forever to wrap up the details. At the beginning of the project Meadowlark reviewed a 4 month schedule with us – and then kept to it!”

“We appreciated the courtesy and professionalism of the Meadowlark staff. Also, we were very pleased that the project kept to schedule. Lots of project planning, lots of organizing – and it paid off.We are also very pleased with the 11 month visit that Meadowlark will do – and their warranty.”

“Overall the design, craftsmanship, and project execution were exceptional. It was wonderful to deal with such responsible and client-oriented professionals. We would not hesitate to recommend Meadowlark to other homeowners. They also worked with us in many ways to help us keep on budgets.”

“Fundamental honesty, integrity and insatiable desire to satisfy the client.”

“We are very glad that they are our builders.”

“I was mostly concerned about being able to do what I wanted within my budget. They not only kept to my budget but gave me an amazing room remodel.”

“They’re just good honest caring people. They are attentive to my concerns and have wonderful creative ideas.”

“Honestly, I will always go to them first for all of my home remodeling. I don’t think I could have a comparable positive experience elsewhere.”

“They do amazing work and attend to details so that the finished product is like a work of art.”

“They are honest, deliver good service, take care of problems prompty, take responsibility, take their reputation seripously and do excellent quality work.”

“I never imagined that a whole house remodel could go as smoothly as ours did. From start to finish the experience was terrific. Every member of the Meadowlark staff was a pleasure to work with–they are all smart, creative, and hard-working. We are glad we chose Meadowlark to build our new home and have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.”

“We were “rookies” about remodling, but felt very comfortable working with folks from Meadowlark and now want to do additional remodling.”

“Any problem that we had, they addressed immediately. They were perfect. Their were no major problems. Everyone was very friendly courteous, and respectful.”

“Across the board, they were all excellent.”

“Their overall knowledge and flexibility in dealing with new materials. Also they handle new techniques very well.”

“We are very grateful to the Meadowlark Team for the wonderful results! Thank you very much!!!”