Why Green Building Makes Sense for Today

Green building has gone mainstream. No longer is there any doubt that building smart is the best money you can spend when remodeling or building a home. There are a lot buzzwords around green building, however, and just as many opinions. It can be hard to separate fact from fiction.

It is worth your effort to do research on green building methods and in finding the right builder for you. A well-built green home will not only be quieter and more comfortable to live it, but will also reduce the incidence of colds, asthma & allergies and other ailments.

If that weren’t enough, green homes also pay for themselves over time. The investment in green features can return as much as 6-7% annually, and although not the returns you would hope for in the stock market, you don’t get to live in your portfolio. Your home is a very tangible investment.

Last, green homes are worth more. Studies are beginning to come in showing that green homes sell for as much as a 15% premium over standard construction. It turns out that lots of other people are looking for smarter homes as well!

We can help you make a home like no other you’ve ever lived in. Experience truly outstanding construction with your next building project.