Green Building and Construction

Meadowlark Builders provides expert green building and green construction services. More than just building or remodeling homes that are barely meeting code, a Meadowlark home is crafted to a higher level. It’s about more than meeting requirements for Energy Star, LEED, Net Zero, Living Building Challenge, Passive House standards. Although worthy measures for certifying green homes, our broader goal is truly sustainable building.


During the design phase of your project we help you determine the level of green that matches your priorities. As specialists in green building construction, as well as design, we know how to build or remodel your home to deliver the most benefits for your investment.

Typical green building PRIORITIESSIP Addition Second Floor

If a comfortable, quiet home that costs a lot less over time is your priority, we have over a decade of experience creating some of the best homes in the world. You will never live in a better home than a Meadowlark home.

If energy use and costs are your priority, we have the knowledge and skills to build or remodel your home to be highly energy efficient. Sometimes this might be a net-zero energy home. Other times it might be a home that is ready for net-zero with the future addition of a modest solar array. Financial payback is important, and so is the length of time you’ll be in the home. The deepest shades of green all make sense if your vision is a home that will sip energy going forward, or you will be in the home for longer than 15 years.

If sustainability or having a healthy home is your priority, we have the team to build your home using sustainable products and systems to keep your indoor air quality cleaner. We know the proper products and indoor air quality systems that can make you breathe easier.

If you are concerned about environmental issues such as water use, construction material waste, toxic construction materials, or clean energy, we are well-versed in ecological building methods.


To be able to provide our clients with the best green building and construction possible, our staff and other team members undergo scheduled training and are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of green design and green construction. Here are some of the many aspects of green building our staff are experienced in:

  • Management and supervision of green building projects
  • Green design, engineering, and construction principles
  • Principles of building science – the physics of heat and moisture flow
  • Keeping current on green products, materials, and techniques
  • Green building and energy efficient building materials and systems
  • Green building and construction methods and techniques
  • Energy Star, LEED, Passive House and Net Zero Energy and Living Building Challenge requirements
  • Proper installation and integration of energy efficient materials, systems and products into new and existing homes
  • Solar, geothermal, and passive energy
  • Use of modular home systems and panelized building systems
  • Reduction of construction waste and efficient production practices
  • How green and energy efficient materials and construction techniques work

Making a home green may seem simple, but the reality is that a truly green home is fundamentally different – from the earliest stage of design, through the construction process, and for the life of the home. We have over a decade of experience in crafting green homes that, through their comfort and cost-effectiveness to operate, stand the test of time.

Visit our Green Library for some insight into some of the many green building and construction techniques we employ.