Green Building and Construction

Working from green designs and plans we have developed or those supplied by other architects, Meadowlark Builders provides expert green building and green construction services. When we say we provide green building services we mean more than just building or remodeling homes that are energy efficient, sustainable and built to green standards in other ways. It means more than meeting Energy Star, LEED or Net Zero or Passive House standards. It also means we run our company, manage our projects, and select our building materials with the principles of green building in mind.

Green Building and Construction for Your Home that Directly Benefits You

SIP Addition Second FloorDuring the design phase of your project we help you determine the level of green that matches your priorities. By being a specialist in green building construction, as well as design, we know how to build or remodel your home to deliver the most benefits for your investment.

We Have the Expertise it Takes for Your Priorities

If energy use and costs are your priority, we have the knowledge, skills, suppliers and staff to build or remodel your home so that it is highly energy efficient to super energy efficient or to a level where your home uses almost no energy. And we know how to build and remodel homes like these cost efficiently. The additional cost sometimes needed for energy efficient construction and systems can often provide the fastest and most dramatic financial payback.

If sustainability or having a healthy home is your priority, we have the team to build your home using only sustainable and hypoallergenic products and the systems to keep your indoor air quality cleaner. We know the proper selection and use of hypoallergenic products and indoor air quality systems, which can make life much better for those with many respiratory and allergy disorders.

If you are concerned about other issues such as water use, construction material waste, toxic construction materials, clean energy, solar, geothermal, or using landscaping and the position of your project on your property to enhance the green benefits of your home,  we know how to factor in these considerations and we have the resources to do it well.

 Green Building and Construction Know How

To be able to provide our clients with the best green building and construction possible our staff and other team members are trained and highly knowledgeable in all aspects of green construction and how to build a home that maximizes the benefits of green design.  Some of the many aspects of green building our staff are expert in include:

  •  Advanced Framing DiagramManagement of and supervision of green building projects
  • Green design, engineering and construction principles
  • Principles of building science
  • Keeping current on green products, materials and techniques
  • Green building and energy efficient building materials and systems
  • Green building and construction methods and techniques
  • Energy Star, LEED, Passive House and Net Zero building requirements and the skills to build to those high standards
  • Proper installation and integration of energy efficient materials, systems and products into new and existing homes
  • What typical construction techniques and methods work against the effectiveness of green building methods
  • Solar, geo thermal and passive energy sources
  • Use of modular home systems
  • Reduction of construction waste from project
  • How and why green, energy efficient materials and construction techniques work

There is a lot of special expertise required to build a green home that provides you all of the benefits of a green home. We have that expertise.

Visit our Green Library for some insight into some of the many green building and construction techniques we employ when appropriate.