From the 2D to the Tangible 3D

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Custom Closet

By Marsie Klug

Being a part of the design department offers the opportunity to witness sketches and drawings transform into a functional life.

Knowing how the work translating from the design department’s hands will weave into the day-to-day lives of our clients is thrilling. Our clients effectively live amidst our designs – they kick off their shoes in our mudrooms, prep vegetables atop our islands, relax in our master suites, watch their children in the yard from our sunrooms, and sip coffee in our courtyards.

Not only do we strive to provide aesthetically pleasing designs, but designs improving client’s lives. Whether it is the built-in bench with accessible interior storage for quilts, the zero-height threshold shower for aging in place, or radiant floor heating providing the feeling of extra warmth on a chilly day – the smallest customized moves make a house a home. The details make the difference!

One of my roles with Meadowlark’s design department is custom cabinetry engineering. The first cabinetry project I engineered from the early stage of sketches to completion was a master closet. Though there were multiple versions for a client who wanted options and the details grew tedious at times, the excitement of seeing the built version of the closet for the first time eclipsed the hours of work. From a vision to reality, the line drawings had become a physical closet before me. The built version of a project helps me see how my role, and all our roles at Meadowlark directly and indirectly aid in making a built reality. A few projects later and I still get excited each time I visit a jobsite or see a job reach completion. I can hardly wait to see future projects translate from the 2D to the tangible 3D.

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