Complete Home Design Services

Design for Homeowners and Architectural Design Professionals

Perhaps you already have an architect you want to work with to provide your with your home design services. Perhaps you only have a seed of an idea, a photo or a rough sketch. Maybe you have a tile that you love and the just spark of an idea.  It doesn’t matter because Meadowlark Builders offers our clients several different home design methodologies from which to select.

We can even help you provide green home design services if you are an architect with a client who wants a green home and you need help with the “Green” part of the design, engineering and construction.

Designing Great Homes for Living

Modern Bathroom Design RendingOur goal is facilitate the creation of great spaces that are compatible with the way you live. We believe that form and function are both important and that visual connection, integration of natural light, and the flow of textures and colors create a language of patterns that help define our sense of shelter. We know that it costs about the same to build a poorly designed home and a well designed home that will provide you greater enjoyment, functionality, beauty, value and energy savings.

Communications is one of our most important design skills.  We listen carefully to what you say and make sure we understand what you mean. When we communicate we do so with clarity.

Home Design Services For Owners

Bathroom remodel with Soaking SpaWe can work with you within the classic “Design Build” approach.  This is where we provide all the design work required as well as all the construction work required.  Our in-house design services maximize our creativity and versatility and minimize the carbon footprint of our buildings. With over two decades of experience in fine woodworking, high-level cabinetry, and computer-assisted design, we’ve crafted nationally-renowned and award-winning work

Meadowlark Builders uses 3-D design software customized to generate life-like detail in our designs, as well as providing full energy modeling services to help our clients make good decisions about their most important investment. We have an extensive knowledge of materials, products and finishes that look great and perform well over time.

We can guide you through the design of your project suggesting ideas, designs and approaches or we can help you bring your own ideas to life. Either way, we are here to help you in the way you wish.

Working with you and your architect

We can also work with you and your architect using a “Team” or “Hybrid Design Build” approach. Using this model we provide your architect the green building and building science technical expertise they need to design and engineer, not to mention construct, your new custom home or remodeling project.  In this way it can be both a reflection of their design and also be a green, sustainable, energy efficient solution for you.

Working for other Architects and Design Professionals on their projects

Learn about our design support services for Architects and other Home Design Professionals